Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences Seminars


The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest (ICUB)

ICUB is a newly established research institute, a research division of the University of Bucharest. Its mission is to promote and stimulate outstanding research in all disciplines. The institute has four divisions: Exact Sciences, Social Sciences, Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences, Humanities. The institute encourages international and interdisciplinary projects, offers grants and scholarships and is actively engaged in establishing, promoting and encouraging international collaborations among scholars, at all levels.

The Interdisciplinary Division of ICUB

Neuroscience and cognitive sciences seminars

The Neuroscience and cognitive sciences seminars are organized within the Interdisciplinary Division of ICUB because these are intended to bridge the Biology and Psychology common research areas. The seminars are designed by Dr. Ioana PODINA and Dr. Alexandru-Florian DEFTU to help researchers in spreading their scientific breakthroughs and discoveries to the public, to facilitate the scientific exchange in Neuroscience, to evaluate the new findings in the field and establish a working group with common interests. Even more, the consolidated group will evaluate different funding opportunities and review the updated literature.

The seminars are intended to have a regularity of two meetings per month and will be organized in the auditorium of The Platform of Research in Biology and Systemic Ecology, Str. Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Bucharest. The attendees, from students to principal investigators, are welcomed to meet and discuss different aspects of research in the field of Neuroscience and cognitive sciences.

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